Commercial LED Lighting Solutions from LED Savings LLC!

One of the numerous benefits of commercial LED lighting is your return on investment (ROI). The payback period for retrofit lighting in which energy savings pay you back the costs of a retrofit is between 1 and 2 years. LED lights are 80% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs. Opting for LED commercial lighting is a huge upgrade from traditional options.

You can gain control over your lighting environment like never before with occupancy sensors, timers, dim-ability, and more. LEDs produce less heat, as well, which cuts the costs of the AC in summer.

working on large commercial outdoor light
Interior Commercial LED Lighting

The soft glow of LED lights is proven to increase workplace productivity, cognitive function, and employee satisfaction.

Exterior Commercial LED Lighting

Brighter parking lots and highlighted landscapes with monthly savings make exterior LED lighting an excellent investment.

What we do

At LED Savings, we believe in commercial LED lighting because of the many benefits to businesses, their employees, and the environment. We specialize in the Installation of retrofitted LED lighting and new construction LED lighting.

  • LED lights far outlast traditional bulbs
  • Energy cost savings are substantial
  • Led lights are extremely efficient
  • Very little heat is emitted by LEDs
  • LED lights offer instant brightness
  • Color versatility is available in LEDs
  • LED commercial lights are recyclable
  • LED lights are controllable