Rebate Programs and Incentives

Rebates and other incentives are available to businesses that choose energy efficiency projects for their buildings. The rebate programs can vary from state to state and municipality to municipality. In the service area for LED Savings LLC, projects eligible for rebates and reduced charges for electricity have included LED lighting upgrades, LED exit sign retrofits, and more. We specialize in helping you as a business owner, homeowner, or property owner achieve energy savings for the long-term and reap the benefits of incentive programs and rebate programs available to you.

Program Benefits

Depending on the specific rebate programs and incentives that apply to you and your particular project, the following are among the benefits that may be available:

  • A free lighting assessment will be provided in order to identify opportunities for cutting energy costs, and there is no obligation involved.
  • Qualified professionals will make recommendations to you and provide estimates for project costs, payback periods, and energy savings.
  • LED Savings or a pre-qualified local contractor in your area will install approved energy-saving equipment.
  • Upfront costs can be reduced in programs that pay incentives directly to the contractor.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for incentives and savings in connection with the installation of LED lighting vary but, as an example, in some cases the program is eligible to small commercial customers with an account meter with a participating utility company and with a maximum 150 kW peak demand at any single facility.

An Example: A Project Scenario

Program incentives, payback periods, and actual savings depend upon equipment installed, characteristics of the building, patterns of energy use, location, age of existing equipment, and various other parameters specific to a project. To get an idea of the savings that can be realized from a retrofit project, below are the savings related to making the following lighting replacements:

  • 32 4-foot 4-lamp fluorescent fixtures are replaced by 32 4-foot 36-watt LED fixtures.
  • 16 62-watt incandescent bulbs are replaced by 16 10-watt LEDs.
  • 2 exit signs are replaced by 2 LED exit signs.

The following are the savings realized from these specific retrofit upgrades:

  • Total energy savings: 20,671 kWh
  • 2.96 kW total peak demand savings
  • $3,101 estimated incentives
  • $1,611 net cost to customer
  • $4,712 estimated project cost
  • 9.35 months for project payback
  • $2,067 in estimated annual savings

An Example: A Retrofit Project at a School

Public schools and government buildings have been able to take advantage of efficiency programs. In one scenario, a school district in Oklahoma was concerned about rising energy costs associated with an outdated lighting system. Incentives worth more than $50,000 were provided, and a full lighting retrofit was installed in the district’s kindergarten, administrative offices, middle school, high school, and gymnasium. A total of 1,621 T8 and T12 bulbs were replaced with LED bulbs. It is expected that within five years, the school district will recoup its investment, estimated cost savings of more than $27,000 annually.

Contact us at LED Savings and we will help you by providing information on incentives, rebates, and loans likely available to you.