Mistakes In Ac Maintenance

Studies show that the average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is 15 to 20 years.

How can you help your AC unit last as long as possible? What are some maintenance actions that you can be practicing? What can damage your AC unit?

Proper maintenance is important for any appliance in your home, especially one that helps with heating and cooling it. 

Keep reading to learn more about the common mistakes in AC maintenance:

1. Not Investigating Sounds

Ignoring any new sounds that you hear from your AC unit can be a bad idea. These sounds could indicate common AC issues within your unit or even an object that is stuck within the unit. 

Being attentive to the sounds that your unit is making and keeping track of them can help attack the issue before it ruins the unit. Calling an AC professional and explaining the issue can be the first step towards achieving a resolution and keeping your AC unit working seamlessly for years to come.

2. Failing to Schedule Routine Checks

Routine checks are a good idea for your AC unit, especially with the variety of weather that your home may face in a given year. Scheduling a check for your AC unit before you turn it on can prevent you from breaking something in the first few weeks of use.

We pride ourselves in having open lines of communication and offering affordable pricing on repairing AC units so that this aspect of home care doesn’t break the bank for you and your family.

3. Filters

Filters are a simple DIY change that you can easily do for your residential AC system. Depending on your air quality, your filter may be changed more often.

It is a good idea to have a clean filter that is ready to go in your home so that you can change the old filter out and don’t have to search long for a new one.

4. Clear the Vents

While your AC unit filters are very important, so are your air vents. These can get objects lodged in them over time and accumulate dust among other particles from your home. 

Making sure that your air vents are clear will allow the cool air to flow unobstructed through this area and put less stress on the unit as a whole.

5. Overworking the AC Unit Is One of the Mistakes in AC Maintenance

On a blistering hot day, it is very possible that your residential AC system may not be able to keep up in cooling down your home. There are supplemental cooling practices that you can do to take the stress off of the AC unit.

In addition to making sure that you have a clean filter and clear vents, you can run fans in each room to circulate the air. This will help the cool air move around without needing the AC unit to constantly be running. Using shades or curtains to keep the sunlight from filling every room will help keep the temperature lower in the home.

6. Look Outside

Since the AC unit is located outside, there is a chance for various objects or animals to get into the unit. Keeping this area protected and frequently checking it to clear out leaves and sticks can help the unit last longer.

Better Maintenance Today

Now that you have read more about the common mistakes in AC maintenance, you can practice improved care for your unit today.

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule an inspection of your unit today. Our support line is open to assist you whenever you need it.