Autumn Heating And Cooling

Are you excited for the beginning of autumn?

You couldn’t be in better company. With the beautiful, falling leaves to the crisper weather, many people love this reprieve from the summer heat.

But have you noticed your house getting colder? Is it sometimes a little less cozy than you would like?

As the weather drifts toward winter, it’s important that you’re equipped with autumn heating and cooling techniques to keep you comfortable. Read on to make your home the warmest and coziest on the block!

1. Check Your Air Filter

Before you can have a warm house, you need the air to be able to flow freely!

You should be cleaning your air filters about once a month. If you haven’t been, there’s no time like the present to start! Consider it your first investment in a comfortable home during the colder months.

2. Check Your Outdoor HVAC Machine

HVAC machines are usually located outside your home, but they’re an important part of your autumn heating and cooling system.

Because they’re installed outdoors, leaves and other debris can get into them, causing a fire hazard. Make sure to clean them out to ensure you can stay warm without setting something alight.

If you have an older unit, make sure you talk to a professional about how much longer they think the unit will last. Usually, these conversations should start taking place when a unit is more than 10 years old.

3. Let the Sun Heat Your House

If you’re reading this in the latter parts of autumn, you’re probably looking at us like we’re crazy.

And you’d be right. At that point, the autumn weather has progressed too far towards winter for the sun to be much help.

However, if you’re at the beginning of autumn and live in a sunny place in the world, you can save energy by opening your blinds. This allows sunlight to stream through the windows and heat the home

4. Adjust Your Thermostat

Many people don’t think about their thermostats and just assume that the house will regulate the temperature on its own.

In-home temperatures are not one-size-fits-all. Some people like cooler homes, while others like more heated ones.

As the weather gets colder, don’t be afraid to turn the heat up and make yourself comfortable.

Wanting to save energy? Try piling on the blankets and turning the thermostat down when you sleep.

5. Seal Windows and Doors to Optimize Your Autumn Heating and Cooling

Cold air can enter through your windows and doors, so it’s important that you seal or insulate their edges.

You can do this by using insulation tape or film.

Need More Heating and Cooling Help?

Is your home still too cold after following this autumn heating and cooling advice?

It’s normal for homes to get colder as the temperatures drop. However, people should be able to regulate their indoor temperature, creating a cozy atmosphere.

If you can’t regulate your temperature, there might be something wrong with your system.

Here at Above + Beyond, we are ready to fix any heating or air conditioning problems you may have. Give us a call today and get your house comfortable again!